We are a managed crowdsourcing services provider for content. With our efficient
crowdsourcing ecosystem, we are changing the way businesses and enterprises work. We
provide our customers the power and access to knowledge and talent of our managed crowd,
especially, the smooth flows of various ideas enabled by crowdsourcing that generate value.

Crowdsourcing is not just about greater access to talent. It is also about discovering new sources
of data and the profound ocean of knowledge that cannot easily be accessed by any other

Our customers have leveraged our ecosystem and witnessed the following benefits:

In today’s frequently changing market environment, agility has become the core differentiator for any business. Business sustainability depends on how agile an organization is to anticipate fundamental marketplace shifts and re-write their business objectives and roadmaps to achieve them. We have content and training professionals who are abreast of the latest trends and technologies, by hiring these professionals you can shorten your learning curve and shrink your go-to-market time.

Our customers have improved their operational margins by reducing the cost of tools, in-house workforce, training, and real-estate. Also, it’s not just about the cost, by leveraging our ecosystem, our customers have enhanced their focus on the core business activities.

When you work with your in-house team, it limits the knowledge, expertise, opportunities, which in turn affect the growth. Whereas, with the crowdsourcing, the potential is immense – when you discuss your needs with us, we find the best match of professionals who can meet your aggressive requirements. In our intelligent database, we have categorized professionals by their talent attributes, for example, experience level, turn-around time, customer ratings, dealing with complexity, and so on.

Allstate, the second-largest general insurer in the US, sponsored a competition in which the
crowd created a liability prediction model that was 271 percent more accurate than the original.
The message is loud and clear, with our managed crowdsourcing ecosystem, you can expect
better quality content from our professionals.