How to Self Review your Content - Review Checklist.

Self Review Checklist


  • Verify the text for spelling mistakes and typographical errors.
  • Verify the text for subject-verb agreement mistakes.
  • Verify the text for tense usage. Avoid using past and future tense, unless, absolutely necessary.
  • Verify the text for voice usage. Change to active voice wherever appropriate.
  • Verify the text for article and preposition errors.
  • Verify the text for long convoluted sentences and break them into small sentences wherever possible.
  • Verify the text for ambiguous sentences. Rephrase them wherever possible.


  • Make sure there are no layout discrepancies between chapters.
  • Make sure all chapters have proper and consistent headings.
  • Make sure all heading (paragraph) tags are properly applied.
  • Make sure all tables have titles.
  • Make sure all figures have captions.
  • Make sure there is font consistency across the content.
  • Make sure numbered lists are used for sequential lists.
  • Make sure bulleted lists are used for items that are not in a sequential order.


  • Make sure content is organized in the form of sections in each chapter.
  • Make sure the sections are consistent across chapters.
  • Make sure each section and chapter has relevant headings.
  • Make sure there is no redundant text in different chapters.
  • Make sure that content presentation is consistent across the chapters.
  • Make sure all procedures start with a leading sentence.
  • Make sure each heading has a follow up sentence before the next heading.


  • Make sure there is a list of figures page where there are many graphics.
  • Make sure the graphics are clearly visible.
  • Make sure all the graphics have marked callouts wherever necessary.
  • Make sure the callouts in graphics have clearly visible text.
  • Make sure the graphics do not stretch beyond the width of the page.
  • Make sure there is a reference for each graphic in the text before or after the graphic.