Why is it important to revamp your existing content?

Who doesn’t want to increase one’s rankings on the SERPs like Google and Bing? But there are only a handful of businesses who actually work on improving their rankings or following the right marketing strategies - revamping one’s existing content being one.

Of course, you can choose to keep writing and creating more fresh content, which is definitely a good practice. However, if you depend solely on that for improving your rankings, then it is going to be a real time-taking process.

To speak the truth, updating your old blog posts, with more engaging and focused information, along with interesting images, can actually skyrocket your organic traffic by 106% (Impactbnd.com). And revamping your content is not as hectic as it sounds.

Instead, you can consider updating your content with the latest information or maybe work on giving a new perspective to a particular topic. This delivers your desired results in the much faster and that too, with the minimal efforts. And the best part is, this habit will be good for your long-term SEO goals. Moreover, keeping old content with outdated information might also have a negative impression amongst your target group.

Top 7 Reasons Why You Must Revamp Your Content

Updating and republishing your existing content has a host of benefits that would not only boost your rankings and organic traffic, but would also improve your brand image. Here are the top seven reasons why you must work on improving your previously written blog posts and other website content by adding fresh ideas.

1. Increases your content’s value after removing broken links

Revising your old content also means that you will check for the presence of any broken links. For example, maybe you have given links to pages that are now removed. It not only causes the reader to lose interest in reading further, but also has an adverse impact on your rankings.

Having broken links in your website will make it difficult for the Google spiders to crawl your web pages, and hence, will remove your website from the SERPs. Therefore, you must also check for these and remove them immediately and add newer and active ones.

2. Google can see that your content is fresh and accurate

To survive the competition, you must make Google know that all your content is updated and new, and it would interest the readers. Because as per the algorithms of Google, any kind of backdated content doesn’t stand a chance in the SERP rankings. Also, times are quickly changing, and it sometimes takes only a month or even a day to backdate your previously written information. So go ahead and click on that Edit button in your CMS.

At the end of the day, Google focuses only on enhancing the user experience. If your website contributes towards that, then Google will consider showing you on top of others. If you continue doing this on a regular basis, such as once or twice a week, you can double up your organic traffic.

3. Improves your click-through rates

The higher your website shows up on Google search result pages, the more will be your CTR or click-through rates. Also, since newer articles receive more clicks, they drive more traffic to your content. As per the Google algorithms, you will rank higher the more your viewers click on your content in the SERPs. However, apart from the recency of your content, you must also write a really catchy headline and meta description to actually make your readers go ahead and read your content.

4. Optimise the right keywords

There’s a high chance that you haven’t done proper keyword research before writing your existing content, especially if they are a couple of years old. Therefore, it’s necessary that you publish only optimised content that has its keyword research done right. Using the appropriate and highly focused keywords increases traffic and also makes your content more specifically created for the target audience.

5. Better user experience

If you are revising your old content now, it is likely that you will follow the latest trends of content marketing, which focus more on improving the customer experience. Customer-oriented content helps them to find exactly what they are looking for in your website. This further influences their buying motives, and hence, they make a positive decision.

Moreover, if you continue refurbishing your old content and come up with unique ideas, you can catch their eyes on the SERPs, and they will go no further. Also, if your firm targets a new audience, it is essential that you must revise all your existing content, keeping them in mind.

Content that enables each of your customers to find a favourable solution is highly-values, both by your visitors as well as by Google. And updating your old content can help you to achieve this result faster.

6. Gain more backlinks

Backlinks are a great way to reach a wider audience and can increase the trustworthiness of your website. By refurbishing your old content and updating them with different ideas and facts, you can actually get more backlinks. For example, even if you simply create podcasts of your key points of a particular blog post, you can see a boost in the number of shares, interactions, and most importantly, backlinks. Or you can simply choose to convert your points and ideas into an engaging and more visually-telling Slideshare to make your content look more professional and authoritative. In short, it will enhance your content E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness).

7. Mobile-responsive

We didn’t have such advanced technologies back then, and it is pretty likely that most of our old blog posts (or other pieces of content) are not optimised for mobile devices. Therefore, revising them with a fresh light will enable you to optimise your content for mobile users, which is higher in number.

Marketing experts opine that as of 2019, 80% of the web users made an Internet search on their mobile devices, because it is convenient, fast and efficient. Moreover, consumers can get their queries answered within seconds, without having to wait for an agent to address them. So revise your existing blog articles and make them more mobile-responsive for building a broader customer base.

Key Takeaway

You must revive your older content, even if it was written several years back, and see your website taking the top numbers in the search engine result pages. It is the best SEO strategy and has promising outcomes. So let not your old pieces of content die in the SERPs, just because you focused only on publishing new ones.