How relevant content makes a difference for your brand?

The phrase ‘content is King’ holds true even today, while living in an ever-changing generation of digital boom, with artificial intelligence and machine learning being the showstoppers. At the face of this dynamic market, however, the content marketing trends have undergone drastic changes and have taken a more modern, innovative and creative approach.

With video content and other social media content marketing practices coming to the forefront, one must learn about when to target the right kind of audience and with what type of content. Not all consumers will be interested in video content, and will rather prefer reading informative blogs than scrolling through social media posts or playing video content. You must know the relevance of your content with the particular market you are targeting.

Let’s say a person wants to learn how to store and serve beer at home in a right way.

A written tutorial with images describing how to store and serve beer at home would be okay. However, the most relevant piece of content would be a video showing how to store and serve beer at home. Because it will be quick to follow and will minimize the ambiguity!

Also, the following would be irrelevant to include in your written or video tutorial:

  • Infographic explaining
  • The history of beer
  • Various types of beers
  • Health benefits of beer

Three thumb rules for a relevant content:

It should provide precisely what people are seeking. Not less not more!
It should be easily consumable. In the end, person should be able to follow and achieve what they wanted!
It must create some value. In most of the cases, it is the knowledge, and if through your content people acquire knowledge, then you create trustworthiness for your content. As a result, they will keep coming back to check your content!

What Does the Stats Say?

As per the reports from Demand Metric, 82% of the customers develop positive feelings about a brand only after reading customized content. According to yet another research study from Contently, about 61% of the consumers are more likely to buy from brands that deliver unique, relevant, and engaging content regularly.


Also, as far as video marketing is concerned, the HubSpot reports say that 54% of the potential buyers like to watch more video content from the brands they love. It is primarily because it is more engaging and easy-to-grasp as compared to any other type of content. Besides, website conversion rates are estimated to be 6 times higher for the brands that adopted content marketing adopters than the ones that didn’t.

As evident from the above studies, it is needless to say how essential content marketing is for every business. And, most importantly, what’s going to make you stand ahead of your competitors is by delivering fresh and innovative content. Probably you need to choose a topic that has never been talked about or is less dealt with. You can also deal with some common topic and work on throwing some light from a different viewpoint. Because consumers simply love reading new ideas and meaningful content, which, in turn, influence their buying motives.


Top 6 Ways Content Makes a Difference for Your Brand!

Before marketing any content, ask yourself these questions – ‘Is it going to interest my target audience?’, ‘Is it engaging, unique and meaningful enough to drive your visitors towards your brand?’, or ‘Is it answering the queries or promises to fulfil the demands of your consumers?’ Once you have found a suitable answer, you will get a proper direction in your content marketing strategies, and hence, work more productively towards building brand awareness and posting customer satisfaction.

Here’s how relevant content has a tremendous impact on building your brand image.


  • Improves brand reputation: Great content encourages more consumers to listen to what you have to say and hence, will visit your site more frequently. This will make them learn more about your brand and your products and services. If you become successful in matching their requirements and providing the right solutions for their problems through valuable content, your brand image improves automatically
  • Enhances your SEO rankings: SEO is the best way to boost conversions as it involves little to no cost. The best part is, it can be achieved solely by writing high-quality and optimised content, which would improve your organic search rankings. Unique and meaningful content can be engaging for your target audience, and encourage more readers. Google sees the time spent on your site and knows that yours is a genuine portal. Besides, a more significant number of good contents will make the web spiders index more of them, which means that they have more content to show to the users.
  • Boosts conversions: Good quality content helps to break the ice that every customer has before coming to any website. Buying involves a series of evaluating, analyzing and decision-making on the part of the visitor. Your content should include all those information and options that might solve their problem. Besides, content also helps you to build favorable relationships with your prospects. Be sure to include that call-to-action to encourage your visitor to carry out a certain task that will take them one step ahead towards making the final buying decision. In this way, you can build trust among your target market and make them think only about you.
  • Helps to showcase your expertise in a specific subject matter: Customers want to learn more about what you deal with and share your knowledge and expertise lies. They are also willing to know about what you have in offer for them. A good persuasive and engaging content can help them learn your expertise levels, and hence, they will form an initial impression about you. They will analyze whether you would be able to address their queries and fulfil their demands. A poor quality content, not having enough details about your brand might make them build negative notions about you, which would then be a tough nut to crack!
  • Bring more leads cost-effectively: Content can be especially beneficial for small businesses and start-ups, which have a limited budget for marketing. In such a scenario, content can not only help to boost your sales in minimal costs, but actually would be a great start to accelerate your market position and brand image. Content does the most efficient job of winning one’s customers’ trust and loyalty, rather than merely driving leads.
  • Content is crucial for marketing funnel: Content plays a major role during each of the three steps involved in your marketing funnel. These include – 
  •  Top-of-Funnel (TOFU): At the top of the marketing funnel, your consumers are merely starting to become aware of the problems that your products or services can solve. During this awareness stage, a good educational content helps them to learn and gather information regarding the various kinds of solutions to address the problem at hand.
  • Middle-of-Funnel (MOFU): At this stage, your prospective buyers will start evaluating the various options available, such as products/services, which could solve their problem. Content during this evaluation stage is built to educate them about these available options and the benefits each is having. This helps your customers to narrow down their choice, thus bringing them closer to making the final buying decisions.
  • Bottom-of-Funnel (BOFU): Just like the shape of the funnel at the bottom, your buyers will come to a final stage of deciding what’s right for them. This is the conversion stage, and at this point, your consumers are ready to convert. Content during this stage will encourage their buying motives further.

In a nutshell, you need to devise effective content marketing strategies, which would influence your customers’ buying motives and hence, would convert more leads.