Content - New Trends and the Future

Content is getting smarter and more creative, and one can firmly say that the future of content marketing is bright, having endless possibilities in the coming years. Technologies are fast-evolving, and with artificial intelligence and machine learning dominating the market, content marketing strategies and approaches have changed.

Today, content is focusing more on customizing customers’ experiences and telling a highly compelling story in the minimal possible words (or shots/slides). An engaging and meaningful alone has the power of persuading a prospect and changing his/her perspectives completely to attain favorable outcomes; hence goes the proverb, ‘content is King’.

In this article, we will learn about the recent trends in content creation and also find out what’s in store for you in the years that follow.

Top 5 Trends in Content Marketing

The sole aim of content marketing is to achieve the desired results faster and more effectively, especially while standing at the face of a dynamic and highly-competitive market. So here are the top five content marketing trends that you must follow to reach a maximum number of people in your target group

Video Marketing and Visual Storytelling:

Apart from blog posts, the recent video content creation trends are receiving adequate spotlight, with live streaming winning hearts. Videos posted on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, LinkedIn and of course, your own website, have multiple times more effect on the audience than blog articles. Moreover, as per the reports from a LiveStream survey, about 80% of the live-stream viewers prefer watching a live video rather than reading an article. Video marketing is an excellent way of visual storytelling that not only engages the audience, but also imparts within them a sense of urgency and genuineness. This builds trust and customer loyalty, thus triggering them towards willing to know more about your brand.

Improves your E-A-T:

As per the recently-updated Google algorithms, good content must have a strong E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness). This means that we need to create more focused, well-researched and data-driven content on a specific subject matter. The more narrowed down, informative, purposeful and meaningful your content will be, the higher will be its authoritativeness and trustworthiness. Because consumers like it when you have taken the pains to cover a particular topic in a detailed and comprehensive manner.

Next-Gen Visuals:

Platforms that focus on implementing more animated or engaging visuals will be able to keep up with the competition in the coming years. Today, people of all generations like to go through the content that has interactive and dynamic imagery. Visuals make the content attractive, and therefore, has a higher number of enthusiastic readers or viewers. Also, don’t forget to make your brands’ style and tone reflect through your content to create a lasting impact on your audience. Use an ample amount of branded imagery, custom blog images, and infographics to enhance the appeal of your content.

Results-Oriented Content

Focusing on results is the key to successful content. Instead of analyzing a long list of confusing metrics, focus only on 2-3 ones that matter to you the most. Also, you must try creating content that is exclusively aimed at directing your readers to the solutions and results they are looking for in the least possible time.

Customer-First Content:

Today's content is ultra-targeted and tailored to the target audience and is designed to benefit each of them in specific ways. Businesses nowadays, make sure that none of their target consumers is left out. You must make a more specific and drilled-down keyword research and analysis to learn what your customers like and dislike. Remember that whatever you write or say, each and every information must aim towards helping and guiding the visitor and offering them what they are searching for in your website. Your content must be able to answer all of their queries and fulfil their unique demands, no matter how insignificant they might seem.

Here’s What the Future of Content Looks Like!

These days, content has become more focused towards responding to voice search and other prompts made via smart devices, such as Alexa from Amazon, or even smartwatches. Further, according to studies, the monthly voice searches exceeded 1 billion as of January 2018.

Voice search and smart gadgets are answering almost 60% of the customers’ queries and are quite accurate and genuine. This trend, along with other machine learning and other AI technologies, is going to take the center stage in the coming years as far as content search is concerned.

One significant aspect of voice assistants needs special attention here – that of ‘talk back’. For example, if you say, “Hey Alexa, which is the best restaurant near me to eat out today”, Alexa will say out the results aloud, “The XYZ restaurant is having good offers today. Take a right turn from so-and-so’s road … to reach there faster!”

Markets are prioritizing the quality of their content now more than ever and focusing on the customers’ needs more than sending out sales messages. That day is gone when businesses worked hard on how to create the most compelling ad copies and promotional sales content. That idea simply doesn’t work now.

Customers have become smarter more than ever, and they know what they will do or buy more than you, and hence, won’t need your advice on what is obvious. For example, if you put up a multi-dollar banner saying, “ABC hair oil will bring your hair back in 7 days”, your buyers are not going to buy that! Instead, if you say, “ABC Hair Oil retains your natural hair”, it will be more effective.

Furthermore, with visual content skyrocketing customer reach, it is definitely opening doors to a promising future in digital marketing. Also, content creators are taking mobile-first approaches to reach a broader customer base, that too quite faster.

What’s more, with work-from-home becoming a new normal after the COVID-19 outbreak, the audience likes to watch more videos and scroll through their social media feed in their free time. So, targeting them on these platforms is going to be more effective in the following years.


To conclude, brands should keep in mind to make strong commitments to their consumers to build long-lasting impressions by creating engaging and more customer-oriented content. Moreover, content marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of digital marketing and has greater impacts compared to other marketing strategies.