Marketing Collateral used throughout customer journey

One of the early players who understood the benefits of blogging was Gillette. They started educating people by giving some tips on shaving in a lifestyle segment of a local newspaper. Like Gillette, many other brands understood the benefits of inbound strategies like blogging that helped to create value for their customers. Regular Blogging helped businesses achieve them the following benefits:

  • 8x more traffic
  • Reduce the marketing expenses by more than 60%
  • Get 3x more leads
  • Build trust for their brands
  • Receive real feedback from the customers

Website content is the fulcrum of your business. The content on your website conveys pretty much about your company, its culture, ethics, and vision. Remember, search engines are a sucker for original content! Moreover, your SEO strategy depends on the quality of content that you put on your website. Businesses who take their website content seriously are the ones who experience better ROI.

Your website should exhibit the qualities that you want your customers to see in your business. Our content developers who have worked for many big brands know how to create compelling web content for your website, including white papers, blogs, case studies, vision statements, and so on – every word matter to establish your dominance in the market.
Some of the advantages of a professionally written website content:

  • Generate awareness about your business
  • Create value for your visitors
  • Better Search Engine Optimization.
  • More visitors find the content sharable.

Over the years, social media has become one of the most efficient and cost-effective media for marketing for businesses. Facebook alone has over 2.5 billion active users. With a small marketing budget, you can easily market your content on social media. Hence, it becomes a very crucial marketing tool for small businesses. So many brands have created huge visibility about their products/services within a matter of a few months, and we have worked with some of them.

You must understand that anyone can create content and post it on social media, but if you need to stand out and attract your target audiences, you need expertise. With our past rich experience with social media content writing, our writers can create a unique story around your brand – be it product description, articles, videos, and many more.

Ask yourself, how many times have you not purchased an item online because its description wasn’t clear and explanatory? We all have done this! So, what does this suggest – first, there is a huge number of product descriptions that are badly written and second, product description motivates you to buy a product online.

A well-written product description can convert a visitor into a customer. Writers Era has experienced product description writers who have worked with some of the big online retailers and have assisted them to strategize and create descriptions for their thousand of products. With their writing, our writers can tickle the senses of your customers and instill confidence in them so that they get encouraged to purchase.

So, let’s work together to turn all the lousy product descriptions into the smart ones, and help our customers to click ‘add to cart’.

A white paper is one of the most influential types of marketing collateral. It is intended to present a unique point of view about a trend or a problem that any industry might be going through. A well-researched and written white paper can establish your authority and open doors for new leads and sales opportunities.

Around 75% of businesses have used white papers in their decision-making process. It sends a message to your audiences that you are a forward-thinking and visionary organization. The point of view in the white papers is backed with data, statistics, and market trends, that makes it consumable for readers.

Our writers have industry-specific knowledge that helps them write compelling white papers with a unique and strong point of view about any problem or trend in the industry. Let us curate content for your white paper that would open doors to new opportunities.

If you have been in business for a while or even starting up, you must publish articles – if you haven’t published any articles yet, there cannot be a better time than the year 2020. Unlike other write-ups like blogs, ebooks, white paper, and so on, which establishes your visibility and authority amongst your customers, Article is one of a few write-ups that establishes your credibility and authority amongst both, the customers and the competitors.

Article writing is a very precise form of writing – be it news, features, how-to-do, business, or editorial articles. For business articles, you must stick to facts, data, statistics, and the current scenario concerning the subject. And while concluding the article, you must voice your opinion about the subject. For example, an article with the topic, ‘Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) a threat to human jobs’. In this article, you must mention a brief history, overview, breakthroughs, challenges, and finally, your opinion about AI.

As discussed above, it needs subject-matter expertise to write an article with facts and figures. Writers Era has seasoned writers who have worked across various industries and possess knowledge about past, present, and future of various business sectors, technologies, and domains. You can rely on our writers to provide you the desired content for your articles to leave a mark on your peers and customers.

Copywriting is the most valuable, yet the least understood and appreciated form of writing. Copywriting is synonymous with salesmanship – writing content (copy) that is meant to encourage the reader to perform some action, be it buying, subscribing, registering to your product, service, or company.

There are bad copywriters and the good copywriters, and then there are Writer’s Era copywriters – that might sound like blowing one’s own trumpet, but let us share some insight into how our copywriters’ content overpowers the cacophonies in the published advertisement world.

Copywriting is more about core-industry knowledge and less about good writing. Good copywriters always understand their industry inside out. They understand the past, present, future, challenges, and trends of their industry that they write for. But most importantly, they know the pain areas of their customers and their needs, and this is the main differentiator.

Writers Era team consists of copywriters who write for either one or two industries. Even after having core knowledge of any industry, our copywriters spend 70% of their time on researching and 30% on writing. And this is how they can create a copy that entices the readers instantly. Besides, we conduct various workshops for our team so that they can serve you better with whatever they do for you!

Branded content is not traditional advertising. It talks about the values of your company and the cause that your organization stands for, and not about your products and business. The main objective is to hold the attention of the viewers through engaging content and create a long-lasting relationship. The content could be in the form of articles, videos, and live events.
Research has shown the following statistics about branded content:

  •  Brand recall is 60% more for branded content than advertisements.
  • It drives 14% more traffic to your website.

One of the most successful branded content campaigns until today is Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches. Dove found in their research that only 4% of women described themselves as beautiful, and this was an alarming figure. So, they started a campaign called ‘beauty is for everyone’.
After this campaign Dove’s revenue shot from 2.5 billion to 4 billion in a few years. Writers Era team consists of creative writers who can curate the heart-warming branded content to showcase the values of your company to the viewers. You must watch Dove’s campaign if you have not already, to understand the power of branded content:

Be it communicating to your employees or customers, Newsletter is one of the best forms of communication. The Business Newsletters help in establishing communication between you and your customers – they can be useful to communicate new updates, changes, ideas, initiatives, CSR activities, and various other events to your customers.

Newsletters can help in boosting credibility and relationship with your customers by being transparent about your progress and work. Moreover, it is the best medium for getting feedback from your customers about your new ideas, line of products, new pricing, or policy changes. The business is all about knowing your customers, and by getting their reactions to the new changes in your business, you can further work on them to make it more customer-friendly.

For any business, it is equally important to retain existing customers as it is to acquire new customers. A Newsletter is more than just a write-up, it’s a program to include your customers on your business journey. It enhances brand loyalty and customer retention. Having said that, it is equally overwhelming to create timely Newsletters depending on the frequency that you have set.

Our team of writers can work with you to create engaging and timely newsletters to enhance your brand loyalty.

Using videos to spread awareness about your brand, or to simply market is called Video Marketing. An impactful video marketing strategy would implement various videos throughout the customer’s journey, for example, customer’s testimonial videos, case studies, live-event videos, how-to-do videos, product explainer videos, branded content videos, and many more.

Our team consists of some very experienced video Ad creators who can create very engaging and relevant short videos for your brand. Our team has created many video content for brands and individuals. You can either provide a story/script for your video or ask us to create a strong and intriguing storyline/script for your videos.

Feel free to contact us for intriguing and compelling videos to market your brand, products, or services. Also, don’t forget to ask for a sample of our work.

The press release is one of the oldest tools for enhancing communication and personal relationship with larger audiences. It can be used to spread a word about the new event, new product, new leadership changes, mergers & acquisitions, or anything that you want your customers to know about. But the main objective of a press release is to get the media attention that would spread the news viral.

Writing press releases can be time-consuming and overwhelming, and even after writing one, there are chances that it would not get noticed by the media. Writers Era’s team has some experienced writers from journalism background who ‘know it backwards’ – they will work on your press release content that will get more media coverage and more traffic to your website. They write content that is compliant with journalistic standards and hence leaves its mark amongst the readers and media.

Educational institutes are striving to design and provide the curriculum to pupils that would meet their learning needs, including usage and implementation. The way a curriculum is planned and written decides whether it will become a burden or a blessing for students.

There has been a paradigm shift in the education system due to the implementation of technology and state-of-the-art facilities. By 2020-2021, education is going to be 2 Billion USD industry, and in India, there would be 260 million (26 crores) students in school alone. There are continuous efforts to stray away from the old curriculum and design a modern curriculum that holds valid and meaningful in today’s fast-changing world.

Writers Era has experienced instructional coordinators who have spent a reasonable amount of time in the education industry. Whether you need to update your curriculum or design and create a new curriculum from ground zero, our instructional coordinators can handle it for you. Our instructional coordinators can play a pivotal role right from conducting the ‘comparative curriculum analysis’ till publishing.

Discuss your requirements and let’s add much-needed value to the education system, together.

Localization is a process of making existing content available in other languages. Why do you need localization of your existing content? Well, so that you can extend your business or services to the other parts of the world where English is not spoken. Food for thought – there are just about 10% of the world’s population that speaks English. Though the large multinational companies have English as their official language across geo-locations, this is not the case with small businesses.

Especially, emerging markets, such as China, Mexico, Brazil, and others still continue to use their languages to do business. And it’s a huge untapped market, where you can penetrate with the help of our localization service. We have experts from localization background who can help in the adaptation of your existing content to meet the language, cultural, and other requirements of a target market.

We are in the year 2020 and competition is fiercer than before. Businesses are trying to be more innovative and aggressive with their content. Apart from creating blogs, articles, white papers, and newsletters, the most essential differentiator for any business is the ebook. While large businesses keep publishing ebooks regularly, the small businesses struggle to do so because of a lack of expertise, knowledge, and sometimes budget.

Ebook, as many think is a costly and time-consuming affair – that is not true. Though, it is true that it can be overwhelming and intimidating for someone who hasn’t written an ebook before. An ebook can contain 8000-10000 words, and even more, depending on the target audience and the subject. Our experienced ebook writers can create one in a few days.

Apart from creating trust in your customers, bringing traffic to your website, and creating value for your customers, the most important aspect of an ebook is to establish authority in the market. Once you have established authority, you become the preferred choice of your customers. Feel free to get in touch with us and share your requirements to know how we can establish your authority and dominance in the market with our ebook writing expertise.